Scantronic i-ON16 Wireless Alarm Kits

Scantronic i-ON16 Wireless Alarm Kits
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Scantronic i-ON16 Wireless Alarm Kits

System Power:

Sixteen zones for wireless:

I-ON16 can protect up to sixteen different radio zones of a property and provides users with the choice to program all or just a few zones at the same time.

E.G If all residents are in the upstairs part of the home at night, choose to secure the downstairs part and/or outdoor perimeter of the property as necessary.

Meets the requirements of EN50131 Grade 2x.

Competitive radio system, with excellent signal strength.

Scantronic logs as many as 250 events with all relevant details – this is great for monitoring action whilst you’ve been away from home. (This is a great feature for those frequently away from home).

Stylish and Compact Design:

The Scantronic i-ON16 system features a slim line keypad (spec 115mm by 156mm by 34 mm) – this means it will fit inconspicuously into tight spaces like your front door. This product is designed to be both tidy and stylish, and also contains highly useful status indicators such as: Battery testing, Power Indicators, Alert or Fault lights.


If you are after such things as easy installation, little disruption and loads of flexibility, then the Scantronic I-ON16 is a great quality alarm kit for you.


PD6662:2004 Compliance

Grade 2X, Environmental class 2


16 fully programmable


I-on 16 End Station with I-on 16 Wired Keypad


Accepts 2 wired and 2 wireless keypads

Proximity reader

The I-on 16 Keypads, both wired and wireless, contain a proximity reader as standard


Blue LED backlit LCD display, full feature plain text, 2 lines, 20 characters

Level Setting

A = full set, B = Part Set with one button set option

Event Log

250 event log with date and time stamped


16 user codes, 4 digit PIN number or proximity tag

Internal sounder

1 x 16 Ohm internal sounder

Output Types

13 Programmable output types

Remote Communications

Speech Dialler, 8 Channel Fast Format and Contact ID

Power Supply

Conforms to EN50131-6 Type A power supply, rated power output 1.5A of which

850mA is available for Auxiliary power


Accepts a 12v standby battery up to 7Ah rechargeable lead acid, gel type


End Station: 384 x 245 x 94 Keypad: 115 x 156 x 34


End Station: 1.1Kg Keypad: 0.32Kg

Temperature range

Environmental class II -10ºC to 55ºC @75% RH

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