MCT-320 Visonic Wireless Door | Window Contact

MCT-320 Visonic Wireless Door | Window Contact
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MCT-320 Visonic Wireless Door | Window Contact

MCT-320 Power Code Wireless Miniature Door/Window Contact

The MCT-320 is a fully supervised, compact Power Code™ door/window contact transmitter, designed primarily for protecting doors and windows. Suitable for any residential or commercial environment this low-profile transmitter gives the added advantage of a particularly small size that allows for highly flexible and virtually invisible installation. When activated, the magnetic contact initiates an individual 24-bit Power Code ID message, which identifies it to the target receiver as a separate transmitter. Each ID code is randomly selected from 16 million possible combinations, and is therefore unique and virtually impossible to accidentally reproduce. A smart anti-collision algorithm prevents signal jamming by simultaneous transmission from multiple devices. Periodic transmission of supervision signals is used to confirm system connectivity at all times. MCT-320 is available in several optional frequencies in compliance with European, U.S. and other international standards. The transmitter is powered by a standard long-life lithium battery, which is constantly monitored, with automatic reporting to the receiver when the battery needs to be replaced.

MCT-320 Features:

Very small, almost invisible design

Highly cost-effective for low-profile installations

Fully supervised

Double tamper protection (cover and wall)

Long-life standard lithium battery included

LED indicator (can be disabled).

Low battery indication transmission

Compatible with Powermax® home security systems and all Visonic Power Code; wireless panels and receivers.

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